Camping Mycenae

"One of the oldest campsites in Greece and southern Europe located in the viilage of Mycenae, Argos in the Peloponnese of Greece."

Camping Mycenae Argos Peloponnese Greece

The visionaries of the idea, Angeliki and Marinos, with plenty of personal work, formed a small paradise with trees, plants, flowers and shadings in the central location of the village of Mycenae and on the road from Argos to Mycenae archaeological site. From the early 1970s, they realized the strong will of visitors from all over the world to visit the ancient palace of Golden Mycenae, the Gate with the Lions and the Tombs of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra.

Their idea was to host and offer moments of unforgettable relaxation in nature, and their guests to enjoy their stay in a friendly environment of serenity and tranquility. And so the Camping Mycenae opened and welcomed the first guests in 1974. Since then, travelers from about 80 nationalities from around the world have visited it and captured their impressions in the unforgettable Camping Guestbook that still exists today..

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